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India has been a cradle for innovation till the 12th century AD but lost its edge due to several historical factors including lack of patronage of the exceptional talent. Over the last two decades, more than 300 Universities have been established in the private space in India and not many can be credited with having research focus. Not a single Indian university feature either in the QS world universities rankings or in the Reuters ranking of the world’s 100 most innovative universities; whereas 20 Asian universities including those from China, Israel, Japan, Korea and Singapore feature in this list. Industry leaders point that Indian Universities are teaching institutions that are good at knowledge dissemination but short on knowledge creation.

Lack of research facilitating universities is a huge gap in the learning space; neither business nor universities have addressed this shortcoming. Any University with facilities for innovative and applied research is the need of the hour.

Easy Educate is coming up with its university initiative, which will be a hub for applied research and innovation. Going beyond the typical University system in India, it will create the necessary ecosystem that can lead to establishing centres of research excellence in partnership with global business groups.

The proposed University is being established with an initial investment of USD 145 million. It is not only expected to attract the best academic and scientific talent but also will provide a highly competent and cost efficient research environment to corporate groups for managing their innovation needs.

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