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A Business Management Graduate, Mr. Madhusudan co-founded Easy Educate along with Krishna Grandhi. Mr. Madhusudan brings with him 15 years of management experience in the US, Europe, Middle East and the Indian sub continent.

Regarded by many as a ‘turn-around specialist’ Mr. Madhusudan started his career as an analyst in market research, where he was responsible for creating a number of tabulations to understand the consumer behavior.

Following this enormous success and with an insightful understanding of the consumer market, he moved into the challenging world of Television, Print Media and Content Management, where he worked as the Chief Executive Officer of a media Channel and conceptualized and executed a number of interactive programs. He also worked on networking solutions and implemented wired, wireless and mobile applications.

With these notable accomplishments under his belt and encouraged by the enormous potential in the Higher Education industry after the WTO agreement, Mr. Madhusudan co-founded Easy Educate, with the support and confidence of many industry leaders in Higher Education including several top engineering and business colleges in India.

Madhusudan Bandreddy
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