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Very exceptional and different experience in management education. It is really fortunate that we in India are getting an opportunity to learn from our American counterparts in real time. The video presentations were excellent and the interaction with the professors was a great experience. The basic concepts were explained in a lucid manner and many of the topics are not covered in MBA curriculums in India…

Executive Management Program offered by McIntire School of commerce, University of Virginia is very informative and useful for Managers as well as Business Analyst professionals. It introduces and covers a wide variety of management topics along with real time case studies, which helps the professionals of all streams to enhance the management skills to next level if applied in respective jobs. I found this course to be very informative for my career and skills enhancement

Being in consulting for the past seven years - I was always interested in knowing the key drivers of this business and its dynamics. The program has right blend of concepts and ample number of supporting case studies to build solid foundation in management fundamentals… It was a great opportunity to connect with people from diverse fields, understand their perspective on various topics and share my thoughts… I feel very grateful to have been one completing the course at an important phase of my career

I am glad to provide this feedback on the Executive Management Certification Program from University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce.  While I already got masters from ODU, Virginia, I always aspired to get certified in business management. With about 25 years of career in multiple industries, I started this program to fulfill my wish. I must admit this course provides valuable and actionable curriculum with easy to understand modules, practical relevance, and industry experienced faculty.

Over the 23+ working years I have aspired to enroll for Executive Leadership Program. Cannot agree more with Paulo Cohelo ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ Also ‘It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.’ I’m euphoric after completing McIntire Executive Certificate in Management Program. The course has helped me reorient, unlearn and learn more about Strategic, Operations, and Finance Management. The sessions on Leadership, Critical Thinking and Ethics, Transformational Change and Ideation and Innovation have compelled me to introspect and identify new opportunities for self- improvement…

I found the Executive Certificate in Management Program offered by Easy Educate in partnership with the University of Virginia to be helpful – The content is relevant and contemporary, the faculty extremely knowledgeable and supportive. The structure of the program suits working professionals grappling with multiple priorities at work while striving to upgrade knowledge and skills to stay relevant

McIntire School Executive certificate in Management course has helped me in understanding different aspects of Management in easier way. Faculties were experts of the subject and they have done excellent job in responding to Queries and providing practical and real time explanations.

It was an extraordinary journey for me personally for the past 12 months engaged in this certificate program… offered exactly what I needed within the constraints of a working processional, in terms of time, topics and practical usability in the job role one performs.  The course contents are pretty well designed keeping in mind future needs of aspiring leaders…  I must specially thank this team for a well organized program.  Also, not to miss mentioning the administrative support which I received through out, be it during fee payments, extension of course duration, etc., has been extraordinary…

… This course provided me with the flexibility I was looking for. The topics chosen for this course were relevant and the content is quite decent as well. Some faculty, were exceptionally good. Also, I like the process of questions being posted by the faculty and the responses from all the participants visible to all. This aids in enhancing the learning experience even when all participants are working from remote locations…

The course content was well structured and easy to navigate.  Teams responsible for maintenance were quite responsive and resolved all issues to satisfaction. I found the course instructors responding to every question, query raised and even went beyond their brief to address queries outside the purview of the course…My overall experience is positive and I feel a notch higher in terms of
knowledge than I was before beginning the course…

I just want to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed and benefited being enrolled in the Executive Certification Program through Easy Educate offered by McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia… covered a variety of critical skills that are essentials not just inside the professional chapter but also outside helping in personal level as well… The online platform, which is used to deliver this program to students is of high quality and user friendly with easy navigations settings… I highly recommend this executive certification Program to my colleagues, friend, peers or anyone who are willing to get a holistic view of the business and general management.

Undertaking the “Executive Certificate in Management Program” through University of Virginia was a great learning experience for me…the Program has given me an overview of all major fields that are to be understood in a business environment, and also helped me develop a great taste towards business. I believe strongly that educating oneself is the best way to understand the life better, and I am sure that the MIB course had filled a great portion of my hunger towards knowledge… Also, I would like to thank the support and helpdesk team, who have made my experience taste sweeter with timely help.

This is an excellent course and for professionals with related work experience, the course helps both ways - one can apply real-life work experiences in the assignments and activities in the course and one can also carry learning from the course into real world instances! I thank the university and the Easy Educate team for facilitating the entire course in a well-organized manner!..

here all the students can share their experiences and views over case studies and learn from each other.

I am really enjoying the Executive Certificate in Management Program… For the most part, the content is easy to follow and flows well… The program has Subject Matter Experts that are able to relay the course’s concepts relatively clearly…

The course was very informative and relevant for today’s leaders.  I loved the course on Innovation, Leadership & Management and Communicating Effectively as Manager. Most of the courses had real life examples and lot of embedded videos, which made the learning more interesting. The discussion forum was also quite engaging.  Professors were experts in the field and had delivered the content in a very efficient manner.

… It was a comprehensive experience that included several facets of modern day corporate management.  However, it presented yet another unique aspect that probably may not have been possible to experience in the traditional academic pattern, in the form of its numerous participants… I am glad at several instances of the course work the participants were encouraged to share their real life experiences which quadrupled the effectiveness of the understanding of specific management tools, their applications and impacts. Additionally the course work was a good combination of academic theory and current world applications…

This one year towards "Executive Certificate in Management Program" has been an excellent journey with waves of eminent professors from various disciplines of management. The experience these faculties have brought in along with the innovative course content helps focus on the required essentials that can be translated in the real life work environment.

I truly believe any academic program like this is a valid contribution to the current professional experience and undoubtedly will prove its importance as we progress at work

I enjoyed every module throughout this entire program. Every session helped me understand the basics and prepared me well to face the current world. I feel much more confident now getting into various business discussions since I understand the concepts well…

When I started I was little skeptical about the course and moreover did not really have an experience of online education and hence was not comfortable. But this came up as a surprise to me, I did not really feel even once that I was not physically sitting in a classroom in this program such was my experience. Each and every professor in all the courses had in depth knowledge and expertise. The methodology used to educate us was amazing. Group discussion every week was my favorite. I will recommend this to everyone who has interest in growing and understanding the business, markets, technology, leadership and management. I am astonished.

I must say the course was very good… The course content was nicely planned and was expanded wherever participants showed their interest in the Q&A sessions. The one thing which I find quite unique about online group discussion is that we get time to analyze others opinion and present our own opinion resulting in wider coverage of the discussion points…

The Executive Certificate in Management Program from McIntire School of Commerce is truly an incredible learning opportunity. One of my goals in attending the on line program was to have a chance to learn about and become a leader.

For me the best part of the program was the interaction with my fellow participants. Each of us comes with very different backgrounds and experiences.  The McIntire professors did a great job in facilitating dynamic discussions and interactions to bring out the best from us.

Personally, I gained from leadership and strategic management skills. I was also able to participate in many areas, from finance to marketing and critical thinking. It challenged me in new ways as a professional.

I have no doubt that my completion of executive management program with McIntire school of commerce will play an important role in my career progression.

I enrolled in the Executive Certificate in Management to strengthen my leadership acumen and enhance my command of well-established management methods.  The program was much more than I ever expected as it provided a deeper-than-expected review of critical subject matter that I was able to immediately apply to my role.  The instruction was high quality and a great value.  It also allowed me to conveniently incorporate the instruction and assignments alongside my work schedule, which was critical to get the most out of this course.

… this program is definitely of very good quality and professional

This on-line course is perfectly designed for the busy executives of this era, who find it very difficult to allocate required time frames demanded by the courses. Even with 26 years of experience, I still find that this course has opened up my mind to many new concepts. I am sure that this enhanced knowledge will help me in moving up in the corporate echelons … I strongly recommend this course to all working professionals, who are serious about sharpening their skills to meet the demands of their profession.

This executive program is a unique offering to all the professionals. For me it was a great learning both on conceptual front as well as on practical aspects of management. It gave me an opportunity to express myself during peer group sharing.  This course has provided me to increase my network also through the forums and small group discussions. Monthly webinars provided an opportunity to clarify and sharpen the learnings directly from the professors. Overall it is must to do program.

The program’s contemporary, real world, applied approach rewarded me with a substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace and provided me with keys to doors I did not even know existed. I personally recommend this program for any aspiring hospitality industry professional. This program will set you up for success for not only a top managerial role in the Hospitality Industry, but for in any industry you chose in the long run, and in your personal life

When I started the course in July 2012, I was not aware of what I am stepping into. As I progressed with the course, is when I realised the difference it is making in my life - both career and personal… My perspectives changed, my thought process became richer and wider and my approach to day to day issues changed… The course content is thought through very well… The very fact that you have highly experienced faculty for the courses makes one go through the course thoroughly. Leading transformational change, Strategic thinking and Finance for non finance managers are courses, which are one of its kinds…

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